JBRND Aircraft Window Contracts

Eight New Window Contracts for JBRND

JBRND is pleased to note that our new windows department, fresh off of the announcement of the new SyncDrive window shade unit has already won several new large jobs. JBRND is very proud to announce 8 aircraft window contracts. These contracts include a BBJ, two Boeing 777’s, two Boeing 787’s an Airbus A319 and an MI-17 helicopter. This is in addition to the ongoing Nextant 400 XTi and G90 Series.

At the heart of these contracts are the installation of JBRND’s SyncDrive and SlideDrive window shade systems, which have virtually eliminated failures of older technology in window shade units, leading to fewer or even no repairs being necessary. So far in testing, these units have gone well over a million cycles without a failure. These are lightweight windows units. Electric SyncDrive Single units weigh just 5 lbs for a 787 Dreamliner, and just 8 lbs for an Airbus A319.

This is just the beginning for the JBRND Windows Department. There are more contracts in the pipeline. If you’d like to know more about our aircraft window systems at JBRND, visit our aircraft windows product page, or call 210.590.3133.