New Mahjong Table Ready for Flight

JBRND has recently readied our latest Mahjong Table which was custom built for a VIP aircraft. To date, we’re the only company in the US, or in the world, that we know of, who can get an electric Mahjong Table certified and ready for flight aboard an aircraft. JBRND makes custom covers for these tables making them a perfect all-around VIP table, with an electric version of the ancient game of Mahjong hidden away underneath. This allows easy access to the game when needed, and provides extra functionality when not in use.

This is the 4th custom Mahjong Table we’ve put together for VIP aircraft in the last few years, and we have more in production. To find out more about our VIP Mahjong Tables for aircraft, take a look at our product page for it, or call 210.590.3133 for more information.