CNC Lathes

JBRND has multiple Computer Numeric Controlled Lathes for the production of high end aircraft parts. Our highly skilled staff operate these machines on a daily basis, making tens of thousands of parts per year. Many manufacturers outsource this type of work but at JBRND, CNC Lathing is performed in-house.

Quality, Speed & Accuracy

JBRND’s 2-axis Haas ST-10 has a 14″ x 14″ capacity, a 1.75″ bar and a 16.25″ swing. The spindle turns to 6000 rpm, and the 15 hp vector drive system provides 75 ft-lb of cutting torque. This CNC lathe boasts a 6.5″ hydraulic chucking system and 12-station turret. Our Yang Eagle SML-20 has a 1.97″ bar and an 18.9″ swing. The spindle speed is 45oo rpm. These are just two of the lathes at JBRND.

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