3D Printing at JBRND

Jeff Bonner Research & Development of San Antonio, Texas is using 3d printing technology to check fit new parts in the adaptation of GE’s H75 turboprop engine to a King Air C90A aircraft. This re-engined airplane will become Nextant Aerospace’s new G90XT. JBRND’s use of a 3D printer enables us to produce and test prototypes in a cost effective and efficient manner. Rapid prototyping allows for individual pieces to be installed and articulated, checking clearance, angles and movement tolerances without wasting valuable CNC machining time. Parts are printed, fitted, tested, and approved. The models are then used to create drawings which define metal type, post processing features, and final inspection requirements. Parts get started while this process is going on so the final part is ready for approval at the same time the drawing is released.

This re-adapted GE H75 engine mixes the latest technology with the most popular airframe that will create a new, efficient, and more powerful flying experience. The G90XT’s engine will feature the first ever Electronic Engine Control (EEC). The EEC features a direct interface with the aircrafts avionics system as well as a complete auto-start capability.
Unique Facility with Extreme Capabilities

Jeff Bonner Research & Development Company Inc. of San Antonio, TX was established in 1991 with two employees and has grown consistently each year servicing the Commercial, Military, and Luxury sectors of the aviation industry. Due to the demand and growth the of the luxury side, JBRND was formed to cater to the VIP/VVIP market. Over time JBRND has built an extensive line of products that no other company in the world offers. We are backed by an extensive machine shop and a composite shop and are always expanding our wide range of capabilities. JBRND provides turnkey products and assemblies on-site and with top notch quality.

Comprised of four buildings making up 65,000 sq.ft of various shops, JBRND houses the latest equipment available for the production of aerospace parts & assemblies. Jeff Bonner R & D holds qualifications to 9100C, ISO 9001 & FAA Repair Station J7OR164Y. Our unique facility, state of the art equipment, & skilled craftsmen together produce the highest quality parts available for your aircraft.

For more information on JBRND capabilities & services, please visit www.jbrnd.com