Electronics at JBRND

After years of research and development JBRND is rolling out their new line of electrical products. Now offering LED lighting, electric windows, IR sensors, return to seat ordinance signs, and a custom app “JBRND iLite” to control full cabin lighting. JBRND is currently offering standard and custom interior lights which will include ceiling dome lights, accent wash lighting, reading lights and custom sconce lighting.

Their iLite app communicates with all LED lights and provides the ability to control RGB colors, dimming, and color temperature adjustments, as well as create and save scenes for routine mood light settings. Throughout the development process, JBRND has sought to attain the lowest weight and most efficient lights in the industry. They are currently being installed on a number of aircraft around the world and they feel those goals are being achieved. Also offered are IR sensors. They are programmable for different hold time settings and have two 5Amp relays built in for dual purpose use.

These units are useful for water valve shut off on sinks and showers as well as for turning off lights in unattended rooms. Another new product is their back lit vanity mirrors in which the lighted areas are only seen when turned on. They are great for hiding TV screens and annunciators and allow the whole mirror to be used when powered off. JBRND also is building a large number of custom made machined wall sconces, table lamps, and chandeliers made specifically to match design and incorporates their LED lights in them.