JBRND Awarded COMAC Headliner & Window Shades

JBRND Awarded VIP COMAC Contract

May 10th, 2016, San Antonio, Texas –
JBRND Awarded Headliner & Window Shades for VIP COMAC ARJ21-700

Jeff Bonner Research & Development, Inc. (JBRND), of San Antonio, Texas, has been awarded a contract with Fokker Technologies, a GKN Aerospace division to design & manufacture the interior headliner system and electric window shade assembly for COMAC’s ARJ21-700 aircraft. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has been working with Fokker to develop the first Chinese VIP/business jet produced in China.

This collaboration spotlights JBRND’s unique “side ledge to side ledge” solution which includes electric window shades, lightweight composite headliner panels, and an all aluminum support structure with a complete certification and engineering package.

The interior headliner system will be comprised of flat panels, contour panels and valance panels. These include provisions for components and installation hardware. Secondary structures including clips, brackets, tie rods and machined fittings which will interface with the existing aircraft structure are also provided.

For the electric window shade assembly, JBRND is providing their custom SyncDrive window shade system in a dual shade configuration with an emergency manual override. The assembly will also be painted and plated by JBRND in San Antonio.

“This is an exciting project for JBRND. We’re able to do so much for this aircraft in-house,” said Chico Ellis, VP of Sales & Marketing at JBRND. “The delivery timeframe looks much better when you can do things in an integrated facility such as ours. Keeping design, engineering and composite fabrication at the same facility really makes a difference. We’re looking forward to delivering near the end of the year.”

JBRND is currently celebrating their 25th year in the aviation industry. Fokker has been operating for over a century. Both companies bring decades of experience into this state-of-the-art VIP project for COMAC.

Chico Ellis, VP Sales & Marketing – Tel 210.590.3133 Ext 255 – cellis@jbrnd.com
Les Heifner, Director of Marketing – Tel 210.590.3133 Ext 256 – lheifner@jbrnd.com