Jeff Bonner Research & Development Company Inc. was established in 1991 with two employees. We’ve grown strongly and consistently each year since. We proudly service the VVIP, Commercial and Military sectors of the aviation industry, and more. We’re based in San Antonio, Tx.

Extreme Capabilities

Due to the demand and growth the of the luxury side of our company, JBRND was formed to cater to the VIP/VVIP market. Over time JBRND has built an extensive line of products that no other company in the world offers. We are backed by an extensive machine shop and a composite shop and are always expanding our wide range of capabilities. JBRND provides turnkey products and assemblies on-site and with top notch quality.

A Unique Facility

Comprised of four buildings making up 65,000 sq.ft of various shops, JBRND houses the latest equipment available for the production of aerospace parts & assemblies. Jeff Bonner R & D holds qualifications to 9100C, ISO 9001, EN 9100, JIS Q9100, & FAA Repair Station #J70R164Y. Our unique facility, state of the art equipment, & skilled craftsmen together produce the highest quality parts available for your aircraft.


Excellence in Aerospace for Over 24 Years



We’re often called on to do jobs that no one else has done, or can do. Our VVIP work goes beyond what normal manufacturers offer, into the realm of products that haven’t yet been imagined. Much of this work will never be seen by the public.


The work we’ve done for commercial airlines and the business community has built JBRND into a full service manufacturing facility. The services we provide, and the capabilities we have put us at the front of the line for any commercial aircraft work.


Based in San Antonio, Texas, we’re proud to have served our military in the manufacturing and production of custom aircraft projects over the years. We look forward to future projects with the military as our capabilities and facilities grow.

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